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Bristol Health Hub can provide you with help, advice and support to maintain your health and wellbeing. We will be there with you every step of the way. 


Having worked in the NHS for most of our working lives, the whole team here at Bristol Health Hub are very conscious that we do not want to burden the NHS with additional workload. As such, if we have advised and taken your blood tests, then please can you contact us to discuss these results, rather than speaking to your NHS GP surgery. 

Stay registered with your NHS GP

We are open to all. You can continue to be registered with your NHS GP and use us whenever you need us. 

You Are Our Priority

As we are a private clinic we don’t have any NHS ‘money saving’ guidelines that we have to follow. Although we do use clinical guidelines to ensure safe and appropriate practice.

Confidentiality Maintained

Your details and consultation notes will never be shared with a third party without your explicit consent. 

Safe Medicines

We issue private prescriptions that can be taken to any pharmacy for your required treatment. We practice safely, therefore we will not prescribe you controlled drugs and Benzodiazepines will only be given in emergencies. 

Family here on holiday? No problem!

Overseas visitors are more than welcome to use all our services. 

No Registration Fee

We don’t charge a registration fee. This means that you are not ‘tied in’ to us and therefore you can use us as you please. 

Easy Access

If you are struggling to book into your GP surgery for an appointment or the appointments are gone by 9am, just give us a call or book directly online. We are conveniently situated just off junction 19 M5 with parking outside our door. 

Time to talk and be listened to

Our appointments are longer than at your GP surgery which means that we have time to listen to your problems, hopes and expectations. Therefore we can help you return to good health quickly. 

Specialist Referrals

We can refer you to appropriate Specialists quickly and easily. 

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